Local authorities are responsible for traffic management in their locality.  This may include parking, bus lanes, road user charging, littering from vehicles and, in Wales, moving traffic enforcement.


Nobody wants to receive a ticket; but if you have, PATROL provides you with information on the next steps you can take and the correct place to make contact.


The PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) Joint Committee represents over 300 local authorities in England (outside London) and Wales. PATROL also provides information in relation to road user penalties issued by the Secretary of State for Transport for failing to pay a charge at the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing (‘Dart Charge’) and by Halton Borough Council at the Mersey Gateway Bridge Crossings (‘Merseyflow’), and in relation to littering from vehicle penalty notices issued by litter authorities.



If you have received a parking ticket or other Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), find out your options and next steps here.



Access useful information here to better understand the ticket you have received.




Charging Clean Air Zones Status Update: May 2020

Many town and city authorities across England and Wales (outside London) are considering ways to improve air quality through a reduction of nitrogen dioxide NO2 levels. With some of these authorities in the process of introducing, consulting on, or drawing up plans for a Charging Clean Air […]

Introducing the PATROL Digital Annual Report Toolkit

PATROL is committed to promoting digital communication channels as a means of more effectively reaching and engaging the public and key stakeholders on the topic of civil parking and traffic enforcement.   As part of this commitment, PATROL has produced its first digital Annual Report Toolkit this year, as an online microsite, providing easy and […]

Pavement Parking: PATROL engagement with Transport Committee Inquiry

In the last few months, PATROL has responded and engaged extensively with the Transport Committee’s Inquiry into the issue of pavement parking in England, the problems it causes and the possible solutions to the problem.   PATROL’s engagement with the Inquiry>> (which was first announced on 2 April 2019) follows a consultation with its members […]