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PATROL Providing information for motorists on their options after receiving a parking, bus lane, Clean Air Zone, moving traffic or road user charge Penalty Charge Notice, or a littering from vehicles Penalty Notice. To deliver a successful parking operation, a variety of challenges have to be identified and met by the teams involved. Innovative approaches to enforcement are contributing to safer roads Brighton & Hove City Council The Council aims to provide a parking service that secures the safe, convenient movement of traffic, in order to protect the commercial viability and public safety of the city centre and surrounding areas Newcastle City Council Parking services have adapted to a need for increased capacity and flexible tariffs in car parks, in order to support vibrant town centres, the local economy and residents South Lakeland District Council The Council fully supports the desire in the parking sector to deliver a more positive and consistent parking experience for customers North Essex Parking Partnership The service uses customer feedback and enforcement information from previous years to improve deployment on a countywide basis Devon County Council The Council fulfils its transport objectives by improving road safety and educating drivers about the implications of their actions and managing traffic flow, while also applying discretion Durham County Council Sunderland City Council The Council's transport priorities are to improve safety, accessibility and air quality, and to reduce congestion Sedgemoor District Council The Council’s policy is to meet the parking needs of its towns with provision appropriate for the shopper, commuter and visitor Cheshire East Council The Council’s approach to car parking is linked to promoting healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives to the car, such as walking, cycling, motorcycles and public transport
Local authorities in England and Wales (outside London) are responsible for traffic management in their locality. This may include parking, bus lanes, road user charging – including Clean Air Zones – littering from vehicles and (in Wales only), moving traffic enforcement.


Nobody wants to receive a ticket; but if you have, PATROL provides you with information on the next steps you can take and the correct place to make contact.


The PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) Joint Committee represents over 300 local authorities in England (outside London) and Wales. PATROL also provides information in relation to penalties issued from other road user charging schemes. This includes penalties issued by the Secretary of State for Transport for failing to pay a charge at the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing (‘Dart Charge’) scheme and by Halton Borough Council at the Mersey Gateway Bridge Crossings (‘Merseyflow’) scheme.

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If you have received a parking ticket or other Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), find out your options and next steps here.

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Better understand the penalty you have received by accessing useful information here.



Abstract image of five coloured chairs with one of a different colour to indicate the recruitment of a successful person

Applications for new Traffic Penalty Tribunal Chief Adjudicator open

Applications are open for recruitment of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal's new Chief Adjudicator, following the announcement of Caroline Sheppard OBE's retirement from the role. Sheppard will retire as Chief Adjudicator on 31 March 2022, having been in the role since 1999. Link to the job application and spec for the ...
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Photo of electric vehicle being charged on busy UK street

PATROL ‘Leading the Charge’ Electric Vehicles Workshop 2021

PATROL held its second Electric Vehicles (EV) 'Leading the Charge' Workshop on Tuesday 2 November. With the Government moving forward its ban on new petrol and diesel cars to 2030, the arrival of green number plates and recent headlines that sales of Tesla cars have hit £1 billion in Britain, ...
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Symbol of a white cloud in a green circle representing Clean Air Zones in England (outside London)

Charging Clean Air Zones Status Update: November 2021

Many town and city authorities across England and Wales (outside London) are considering ways to improve air quality through a reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels. With some of these authorities in the process of introducing a charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ) for vehicles not meeting a specified emissions standard, ...
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Cheshire East Council receives a PATROL PACER Award from Huw Merriman MP

Cheshire East Council awarded Overall Winner in the 2021 PATROL PACER Awards

Cheshire East Council>> is the Overall Winner of this year’s Promoting Awareness of Civil Enforcement through Reporting (PACER) Awards, which recognised 2019/20 Annual Reports. The team from Cheshire East, were presented with their award during a reception at the House of Commons on Monday 25 October, together with other award ...
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Photo of Traffic Penalty Tribunal Chief Adjudicator Caroline Sheppard OBE in front of a black background

Caroline Sheppard OBE to retire as Traffic Penalty Tribunal Chief Adjudicator

Caroline Sheppard OBE will retire as Chief Adjudicator of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) in March 2022. A reformer by nature, her long and illustrious career has been characterised by the understanding that adjudication is not a standalone exercise, but a barometer to assess the effectiveness, impact or proportionality of ...
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Photograph of cars in a privately operated car park in the UK

Private parking consultation: Government seeks further views on level of charges

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has launched a further consultation on the level of private parking charges proposed in the government’s response to its earlier Parking Code Enforcement Framework consultation. This further technical consultation seeks views on the proposed charges, including the discount rate for early ...
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