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Parking FAQ's


If you do not pay the penalty or make representations against the NTO or PCN served by post by the end of the 28 day period (outlined in FAQ 3 AND 4) the council will send you a Charge Certificate, this increases the penalty by 50%.

Pay: Contact the council to pay the increased charge.

Challenge: It is not possible to challenge a Charge Certificate. However if you do not pay the Charge Certificate within 14 days - taking day 1 as two working days after the Charge Certificate was posted - the council may register the debt at Northampton Councy Court - Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC). TEC will then send you a court order. At this stage it is possible to make a witness statement (or statutory declaration for bus lane PCNs) challenging the court order on one of four grounds explained within the TEC documents. Contact TEC on 0845 704 5007 or visit

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Download this diagram from the PATROL leaflet explaining the parking penalty enforcement process

parking penalty enforcement process diagram