Contravention Codes

Contravention Codes

A contravention occurs if the terms of a Traffic Regulation order (TRO) are not complied with. A penalty charge is then payable. A parking contravention for which a civil penalty charge is payable is not a criminal offence. Councils use a standard system of two-digit codes to refer to parking contraventions. The code appears on the PCN, together with a description of the contravention.

The two tier sysyem relates to the seriousness of the contravention and the breakdown of the higher and lover penalties are as below.

Councils may choose to enforce either Penalty level A or B although the majority choose to enforce band B.

Penalty Level Higher (Discount) Lower (Discount)


£60 (£30)

£40 (£20)


£70 (£35)

£50 (£25)

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The Penalty Charge Notice contravention codes are standard throughout the country.

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Download this diagram from the PATROL leaflet explaining the parking penalty enforcement process

parking penalty enforcement process diagram